TDG Committed to History

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Coinciding with the 82nd anniversary of the bombing of Gernika, TDG Clamping Solutions has reached an agreement with the local administration for the cession of what was the Bunker from talleres de Guernica, an air raid shelter where the company’s workers and the nearest neighbors took refuge from the bombs dropped during 1937.

The aforementioned bunker was one of the few buildings that survived the bombing, and has remained in good condition since then within the facilities of the hundred-year-old company and from now on and thanks to the agreement between TDG and the municipality of Gernika, it will be possible to visit it as part of the tourist routes of the locality that show the legacy and the history of said bombing.

The shelter, 22 meters long and five meters wide, was inaugurated last Friday, in the presence of the mayor of the town, José María Gorroño, of the president of TDG, Enrique Guzmán and personalities from towns such as Dunkerke, Auschwitz or Pforzeim.