TDG will present its new product “Smart Chuck” at the EMO fair in Hannover.

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As part of its strategic and innovation improvement plan, TDG Clamping Solutions will present its latest development, the “Smart Chuck”, at the next EMO exhibition in Hannover, a revolutionary new concept of intelligent clamping chuck encompassed within the Industry 4.0 concept that has been developed by TDG in collaboration with the prestigious Basque technology center, IK4-Tekniker.

The “Smart Chuck“, with its state of the art sensorized jaws, is an innovative concept, which allows monitoring, into the lathe itself or in an external application, information as important as the dynamic clamping force, among others.

This innovative concept is of great value, not only in terms of safety (with the Smart Chuck the risk of loose pieces is reduced to practically zero) but also with a view to finishing parts, because with the Smart Chuck possible deformations in the piece to be machined are also avoided.

In the case of TDG, with the capacity to manufacture plates up to 7 meters in diameter, it is about securing the clamping in parts that can exceed 40 tons turning at high speeds. In terms of safety for operators and machines, the “TDG Smart Chuck” opts to be the largest innovation in the sector in decades.

The “TDG Smart Chuck” will be presented at the TDG stand at the next EMO in Hannover, from September 16 to 21 of this year. There, the centennial company will carry a manual Smart chuck prototype and a second prototype can also be seen, in this case in operation, in a prestigious lathe manufacturer, also present in the EMO.