TDG returns to normal after the Covid-19 crisis.

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The last few months have undoubtedly been the hardest in the recent history of our company.

Because of this terrible crisis that has claimed more than 25,000 Spanish lives, each and every one of us has been forced to stay at home and to comply with the strictest safety standards.

Exercising the highest responsibility, TDG opted to shut down completely for those two weeks, despite having one of its largest order backlogs in recent years. With this period over, we couldn’t be more excited to be opening our doors again, but are still prioritising the safety of our team at all times.

Thankfully, we haven’t suffered any layoffs, although our indirect suffering has been considerable.

With the worst now seemingly over, we at TDG are excited to be once again restarting full production activity and to continue being a key player in the business development of our clients, whom we wish to thank for their patience and understanding.

We know that hard times are coming, but ever since its beginnings as Talleres de Guernica, TDG has been known for bringing out the best in itself in difficult times, and this time we won’t just get through this, we’ll be stronger too.

In recent months we have improved our facilities and made investments not only in machinery but in process improvement and manufacturing, so despite ominous forecasts for the sector we are confident that we will continue to expand our market share and develop projects with high added value.

We at the TDG management team wish to extend a heartfelt embrace to all of you who are part of the TDG network of collaborators.