Large 3D measuring machine – already operational at TDG.

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Since last February, a new Hexagon gantry machine for three-dimensional measurement has been operational at TDG.

This large gantry machine is perfect for the TDG product portfolio and will allow improved precision values and product quality, according to the requirements of high-demand sectors such as aeronautics, wind power or railways.

Specifically, the Hexagon Alpha 2.0 is set up to measure parts with dimensions of up to 2.5 x 3.3 metres and so is perfect for typical TDG clamping solutions, and can achieve accuracy of up to 0.0001mm on each axis.

In parallel with the commissioning of the three-dimensional machine, TDG’s staff have undergone several days of training handling Hexagon itself, with a view to then implementing this new technology as part of its high-performance production process and high added-value projects.

In addition to internal use as part of the TDG quality assurance system, the three-dimensional machine will be available for external subcontractors, especially the network of customers and partners of the century-old company.

With this investment, TDG takes another step forward and continues with its 2019-2021 strategic plan, whereby it expects to grow at least 15%, especially as regards projects of high technical value.