TDG Clamping Solutions grows despite Covid19.

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Despite the difficulties that 2.020 has entailed, and the crisis in several key sectors such as oil&gas or aeronautics, TDG has managed to end the year with an 18% growth in turnover.

This growth is the result of the work carried out during the last two years as part of the 2.019-2.021 strategic plan, part of which has been the development of a new production planning and management system.

To develop this new system, TDG has worked in collaboration with the consultancies, Improven and Sisteplant. This work has not only made it possible to reach weekly billing levels well above 2,018 and 2,019, but it has also helped to improve other indicators such as “on-time delivery” or “Work in progress”.

To achieve these objectives, the centennial company has been structured in recent years, reinforcing key positions in the organization and betting from the management on a Lean Manufacturing production model, which even now, in times of crisis, is beginning to pay off.

Equally important to achieve this objective has been the development of new technological solutions, such as pallet exchangers.

This new product, developed throughout 2.019 and of which two large-scale projects have already been delivered, has allowed TDG to win projects to which it previously did not have access and from which it expects to continue capturing high-volume orders during the next years.

With all this, TDG expects to continue growing in 2,021, for which it has estimated a growth target of close to 10%.