TDG participates in the I+D project TECH4CUT

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TDG Clamping Solutions continues to bet on innovation as the main argument to continue growing, even in times of crisis.

For this, TDG is participating in the TECH4CUT project, to achieve a new concept of mechanized, monitored, flexible and variable, together with leading companies within the machine tool sector such as Soraluce, Fagor Ederlan, Ibermatica, Savvy data systems, Goimek , Ideko or Hydraulic HRE, among others.

In this ambitious R&D project, TDG, in collaboration with the research center, Tecnalia, is going to develop a new monitoring system inside the chucks used during machining.

This project expects to see the light at the end of 2,021, with a novel and compact design, which will be followed by the final industrialization process, which will take place from 2,022, at which time the project will be marketable.