2.022 – 2.024 TDG strategic plan

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After having satisfactorily developed the previous strategic plan 2019-2021, completed with a very high degree of achievement despite the Covid crisis, we have presented the following strategic plan 2022-2024, the first with Michel Clavier as General Director after the sad death by Gonzalo Iribarnegaray.

This new strategic plan proposes a growth of 20% in 3 years and is based on 3 fundamental pillars. Internationalization to new countries to be exploited, the commercialization of the pallet exchanger solution and the TDG SmartChuck, and investment in new productive processes, necessary for the development of customized solutions with great added value.

During the previous strategic plan, developed in collaboration with IMPROVEN consultancy and with the collaboration of SISTEPLANT, we made a great effort in everything related to TDG branding and the conversion of the production system to the Lean Manufacturing model,

This effort helped us to grow even in times of Covid, in addition to improving the main indicators related to quality and delivery times.

In addition, during this period, we continue innovation, with new solutions such as the Smartchuck, the new range of pallet exchangers or the self-centering magnetic chuck, which are now part of the complete portfolio of TDG Clamping Solutions.

With the strategic plan for the next 3 years, we intend to focus on capturing orders of greater technical difficulty and added value, becoming the world’s reference partner in customized solutions and simultaneously improving our production resources to be able to manufacture these projects in time and cost.

These investments are most of them scheduled during the first year and are already being negotiated with the main potential suppliers. The amount of these investments exceeds one million euros and once installed they will mean a great improvement in the production capacity of our already hundred-year-old plant in Gernika.