Desde 1916, Talleres de Guernica ha sabido adaptarse a las imprevisibles realidades socioeconómicas imperantes en cada momento de su historia, transformando su actividad, gestión y modelo productivo hasta llegar al escenario actual, donde ejerce un liderazgo notable en el mercado doméstico de platos para torno y desarrolla su capacidad para ejecutar proyectos punteros en decenas de países de todo el mundo.

El paradigma de lo global y su impacto en los modelos industrial y económicos de principios del Siglo XXI determinaron la apuesta por la internacionalización de TDEG, que acometió una modernización de sus recursos productivos y priorizó la inversión en I+D con el objetivo de alcanzar los niveles de calidad y excelencia exigibles para trabajar con empresas líderes a nivel mundial.

El desafío actual de la empresa consiste en incrementar su visibilidad en el ámbito internacional y consolidar su posicionamiento como fabricante de platos automáticos y manuales de gran diámetro con mejor relación calidad-precio del mercado. Este desafío se construye sobre tres pilares capitales:

–   Un equipo de 40 personas con un alto grado de formación e implicación
–   Una estructura técnica y tecnológica en constante actualización.
–   Una red de proveedores y colaboradores de máxima calidad.

1914. The First World War flared up and engulfed Europe. A terrible wave of death and destruction crossed the continent. Poverty spread. A war like this had never been seen before.

After an intial phase of instability and uncertainty, a demand for products emerged that neutral countries were ready to exploit. The Basque Country, and Bizkaia in particular, opened up to new international markets that had been inaccessible to them until then. Gernika had all the requirements to drive an industrial fabric that could supply a part of this growing need: good communications (including a rail link), wide and flat land near the railway station, political support in terms of sites and subsidies, and plenty of skilled labour…

In that uncertain but exciting business scenario, “S.A. TALLERES DE GUERNICA” was constituted on 12 May 1916 with an initial capital of 1,000 shares of 500 pesetas, mainly subscribed by the Gandarias family but also by other major entrepreneurs.

Just one year later, three industrial buildings of different size were constructed parallel to the railway line. The design was commissioned to the prestigious architect Ricardo Bastida, known at the time for his modernistic architecture within the European vanguard. More than one hundred years later, and after several extensions, they are now part of the historical heritage of Bizkaia.

TDG started operations with a first lathe chuck brought from Lyon; it has remained its main product throughout the company’s long history. However, it has also designed and manufactured a wide range of products such as olive pitters, ice-crushing machines, pea shellers, refrigerators, racks, lighting equipment, switch boxes, levelling jacks, cameras, ordnance, agricultural machinery, sharpening machines, special drill bits, horizonal and vertical milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, presses, edging machines, rolling machines, face plates and a large variety of other tools.

Almost a century later, the paradigm of the global dimension and its impact on the industrial and economic models of the early 21st century has determined

TDG’s approach to internationalization. It is undertaking the modernization of its production resources and giving priority to investment in R&D+I, with the aim of achieving the levels of quality and excellence required nowadays to work with world leader companies.

Its present activity is based on the design and manufacture of clamping solutions, mainly large-diameter lathe chucks, for dozens of countries all over the world.



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