TDG’s business model does not end with the manufacture of the most complex products in its product portfolio. TDG wants to be the global benchmark for engineering and manufacturing of clamping solutions and to be able to inspire our customers in the search for the perfect tooling for their applications.

Starting with the modifications under request of TDG products, which can include products with some of the following characteristics.

  • Special dimension
  • Number of jaws and T-Slots under request
  • Special customized jaws for clamping of complex parts
  • Interchangeable inserts for different piece diameters on the same chuck
  • Special operation screws for bigger gripping force
  • Adaptations for beta key.
  • Central bore size according to customer request.
  • Adaptors or customized direct mounting
  • Special materials
  • Low weight chucks

TDG is the solution when the application requires a complete design of a 100% innovative solution according to customer input. 

In these cases, TDG makes its technical and commercial team available to the customer, with whom the necessary inputs for the application are defined.

At TDG we value communication with the client, generating inputs that allows us, together with our experience, to propose the best solutions, 100% innovative products.

These inputs can be some such as dimensions and weight of the parts to be machined, geometry and materials of these, parts change times, type of machining or machine and some special possibilities that arise throughout a series of meetings between TDG, the machine builder and the end customer and where our centuries-old experience is used to propose the best solutions.


During the design process, TDG’s engineering team prepares the corresponding technical and economic proposals, with all the necessary information, including general characteristics, clamping ranges and all kinds of special geometries to achieve the best result.

Once the design has been agreed with the customer, manufacturing it is simple thanks to more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture of chucks and clamping solutions for all types of sectors and applications with high added value.

TDG can achieve high-quality accuracies with one of its latest acquisitions of a large 3D measuring machine

TDG manufactures thousands of chucks each year and is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of these components, so it has knowledge and experience like few others in the world.

In addition, with the acquisition of a large 3D measuring machine, TDG can achieve exacting precision and ensure quality in our products. This measurement service is also at the service of our customers to measure all kind of parts that have not been supplied by TDG.

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