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Our company offers high-precision, made-to-measure solutions. Basically, we design and manufacture large-diameter manual and automatic lathe chucks, and we make them smart.

Thanks to the combination of new technologies, a highly-skilled product design and development team and over 100 years’ experience, we can provide agile and innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges in highly demanding sectors such as energy, shipbuilding, railways, aeronautics or aerospace, among others.

Attention to clients’ needs, advanced management systems and a commitment to maximum process quality allow us to offer solutions to complex needs and new challenges.

A Cosimet group company

A CFAA partner (Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center)

A Kitagawa products exclusive distributor

Latest News

MetalMadrid 2021

As every year before the Covid, TDG will be present at the annual meeting with the main users and manufacturers of the Spanish machining sector at the MetalMadrid exhibition on date november [...]